We Are Results Driven

RDFT is more than just a name – it is what we do. Our promise is to get you results by incorporating our proprietary Road Map to Fitness™ process that measures a starting baseline of fitness and nutrition for you, defines goals you are seeking to achieve and then incorporates a customized plan of nutrition, personal training and group training, super motivating and fun classes – and, if necessary, therapy – for you to achieve results.


The RDFT team is unique. Not only are we experienced, nationally certified trainers – we incorporate a team approach, so that you work with the best qualified, best engaged experts to achieve those results. If one team member is not enough to get you results – the RDFT Team is flexible, smart and driven to see you succeed.

As part of our Road Map to Fitness™ we will also help you sustain your fitness goals and your evolving fitness and nutrition plan, so that it becomes not just a workout plan, but a life success plan. We believe results means you’ll be able to achieve and maintain goals all while ever-evolving and expanding those goals, so that you are healthy for life.

Results Driven Fitness. Simple Concept. Now! Let’s get started.

Our one-on-one personal training proprietary process called the Roadmap to Fitness®, a comprehensive assessment, goal-focused review of your goals and an integrated plan to get those specific results.
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RDFT Bootcamp offers an accountable, economic, fun, and fast workout. So, if you want a no frills, but lots of thrills, ass-kicking, approach to fitness in an energized large group setting, this is the perfect program for you! Therapy & Massage. Our method of treatment is to re-educate the body about how it was originally designed to move. We do this through combining therapy and exercise.
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RDFT: Nutrition offers amazing, results-driven nutrition health coaching for all of our members. Using personal 1:1, ongoing, FREE health coaching techniques – and great nutritional products from Take Shape for Life.
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It is time to Unleash Your Inner Warrior. Bootcamp R.D.F.T. is proud to announce it’s new MMA Camp for anyone interested in learning MMA fundamentals.
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